Belgium vs Romania

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Location: Cologne Stadium, Cologne
Date: 22/06/2024
Hour: 8:00 pm


Belgium competed in Group F of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, facing Sweden, Iceland, Austria, Belarus, and Azerbaijan. They secured their qualification by comfortably finishing first in the group.  Belgium boasts a veteran team with established stars like Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, known for their brilliance and tactical awareness. Despite some defensive questions, Belgium’s offensive strength remained potent, scoring 24 goals in their qualifying campaign. This marks Belgium’s seventh consecutive participation in the European Championships, solidifying their status as a consistent contender. Their best performance historically was reaching the quarter-finals in 2016 and 2020.

While other powerhouses battled it out in their groups, Romania emerged victorious in Group I of the Euro 2024 qualifiers. Facing off against Andorra, Belarus, Israel, Kosovo, and Switzerland, Romania displayed unwavering determination throughout the campaign. Their resilience shone as they remained undefeated throughout the qualifiers, showcasing a combination of tactical prowess and fighting spirit. This accomplishment is a testament to the talent and dedication of the Romanian squad. Romania boasts a rich footballing history, having reached the quarter-finals of the European Championship in 1996. This generation of players has the potential to write a new chapter in that legacy.

Group E:

  • Belgium
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Play-Off Winner B

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