Bolivia vs Panama

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Location: Inter&Co Stadium, Orlando
Date: 01/07/2024
Hour: 9:00 pm


The Copa América 2024 continues to sizzle as another historic clash awaits! 🇧🇴🆚🇵🇦

On June 30th, at the Inter&Co Stadium in Orlando, Florida, Bolivia and Panama will lock horns in a group stage showdown that promises fireworks. Set your clocks for 9:00 PM (GMT-4h) as these two teams battle it out on the pitch.

  • La Verde (Bolivia) steps onto the field with determination, aiming to make their mark. Led by stars like Marcelo MartinsCarlos Lampe, and Jorge Flores, they’ll look to ignite the passion of their fans and secure a crucial victory.
  • La Marea Roja (Panama), however, won’t back down easily. With a mix of experience and rising talent, including Armando CooperGabriel Torres, and Aníbal Godoy, they’re hungry for success and ready to prove their mettle.

This encounter won’t be just about goals; it’s a clash of cultures. The stands at Inter&Co Stadium will come alive with colors – red, white, and blue – as fans from both nations create an electric atmosphere. Expect heart-stopping moments, tactical battles, and a display of skill that will leave fans breathless.

Bolivia vs. Panama: a match that transcends football, uniting nations and captivating the world. Don’t miss this epic showdown – it’s bound to be one of the most thrilling moments of the 2024 Copa América.

For detailed information about the Bolivian football, explore here, For insights into Panamanian National Team, visit here.

Group C:

  • United States
  • Bolivia
  • Uruguay
  • Panama

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