England vs Slovenia

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Location: Cologne Stadium, Cologne
Date: 25/06/2024
Hour: 8:00 pm


England participated in Group B of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, facing teams like Italy, Albania, Hungary, Andorra, and San Marino. England secured their qualification by topping the group, showcasing dominance throughout the campaign. Their impressive journey consisted of 8 wins, 2 draws, and 0 losses, demonstrating exceptional consistency.33 goals were scored, highlighting their offensive prowess. Only 5 goals were conceded, indicating a solid defensive line. This will be England’s 11th participation in the European Championships, making them one of the most experienced teams in the tournament. Their best performance historically was reaching the final in 2020.

In the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying Group H, Slovenia successfully claimed their spot in the final tournament, finishing as one of the top two teams alongside Denmark. Group H featured six teams: Denmark, Finland, Kazakhstan, Northern Ireland, San Marino, and Slovenia, who competed in a home-and-away, round-robin format. Slovenia’s campaign in Group H showcased their tactical discipline, resilience, and competitive spirit, which propelled them to qualify for the Euro 2024 finals in Germany.

Group C:

  • Slovenia
  • Denmark
  • Serbia
  • England

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