Netherlands vs Austria

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Location: Olympiastadion, Berlin
Date: 25/06/2024
Hour: 5:00 pm


In UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying Group B, the Netherlands secured their place in the final tournament alongside France by finishing as one of the top two teams. Competing in a group that included France, Gibraltar, Greece, and the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands demonstrated their footballing excellence and consistency through the round-robin format. This success underlines the Netherlands’ strong tradition in European football, preparing them for a significant presence at the Euro 2024 finals in Germany and adding to their rich history of competitive performances in the UEFA European Championship. The Netherlands has a rich history in European football. While they haven’t participated in every tournament, their appearances have often been marked by impressive runs, reaching the finals in 1988. Their qualification for Euro 2024 demonstrates their continued ability to compete at the highest level.

Austria competed in Group F of the qualifiers alongside Belgium, Sweden, Iceland, Belarus, and Azerbaijan. Austria clinched their qualification by finishing second in the group, behind group winners Belgium. The bulk of the Austrian squad plays in the German Bundesliga, ensuring familiarity with high-level competition. This marks their fourth participation in the European Championship, having co-hosted the 2008 tournament alongside Switzerland.

Group D:

  • Austria
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Play-Off Winner A

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