Türkiye vs Georgia

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Location: BVB Stadion Dortmund, Dortmund
Date: 18/06/2024
Hour: 5:00 pm


Turkey booked their ticket to the Euro 2024 finals by conquering Group D in the qualifiers. Facing off against Croatia, Armenia, Latvia, and Wales, they displayed their dominance by securing first place in the group. Their qualification campaign was a testament to their improved form. They consistently displayed both attacking flair and a solid defense, showcasing their ability to control matches and overpower their opponents. This impressive run highlighted Turkey’s return to the top echelons of European football. Turkey boasts a rich history in European football, having reached the Euro semi-finals in 2008. This qualification campaign marks a significant resurgence for the national team. Their renewed strength and development of exciting young players position them as a team to watch in the Euro 2024 finals.

Group F:

  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic
  • Play-Off Winner C
  • Turkey#Euro2024

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