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Reserved Section is a highly esteemed agency that offers bespoke travel packages, hospitality services, and access to coveted events worldwide. Our VIP concierge services are supported by a dedicated team in corporate hospitality and event management, setting us apart in our industry.

Our packages provide comprehensive sports, music, and cultural, premium experiences, featuring prime seating, prime locations, and exclusive receptions. Our forte lies in crafting customized solutions to meet your specific requirements, from venue selection to fine dining arrangements and elegant galas. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering quality customer service, surpassing expectations, and achieving commendable satisfaction rates.

Our objective is to facilitate unforgettable experiences and moments shared with your loved ones. Ignite your passions and create lasting memories with Reserved Section. Our close ties to the major clubs and recognized organizations allow us to connecting our customers with unforgettable experiences.

Our areas of expertise include ticketing to events from all over the world such as; football, tennis, basketball, formula 1, motoGP, rugby, bullfighting, american football, ice hockey, baseball, concerts, theatre, summer festivals, opera and so on to satisfy your trip. At Reserved Section we offer:

  • Worldwide service
  • Large network of providers in the markets
  • Hospitality service for the VIP clients
  • System of incentives, gifts, and upgrades.
  • 24-hours personal assistance during the event


Our team is deemed as our most valuable asset. We are fervent about providing exceptional service and are committed to exceeding your expectations. We are readily accessible to deliberate on how we can personalize your sports, music, top events travel package, enhance your service support, or incorporate unique destination excursions. Regardless of your location, we are easily reachable via telephone, e-mail or social media.


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Our organization is dedicated to providing exceptional service. Our profession is characterized by a fervent passion that prioritizes the client’s needs above all else. Our commitment to delivering excellence is not a mere marketing slogan, but rather a calling that we take seriously.


In order to provide an unparalleled experience on a daily basis, we meticulously tailor every interaction with utmost precision and attentiveness. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to exceed expectations and provide our members with the highest level of service.


The company’s reputation as a dependable and efficient provider of sports services in Europe and globally is such that it is deemed suitable for gifting. Our organization maintains regular communication with our clients and places great importance on their feedback.


We are consistently innovating the service of the future and allocating resources towards novel approaches to consistently enhance the customer experience. We are actively seeking out novel applications of communication to remain ahead of the curve, anticipate the needs of our clients, and attain ambitious objectives.


With over a decade of experience in event management, ticketing, transfers, accommodation, and experiential training within the major events industry, our organization boasts an unparalleled range of operations and products. Our team of passionate and dedicated experts remains committed to upholding our standard of service excellence, which sets us apart from our competitors.


Irrespective of the magnitude or distance of the occasion, our system is meticulously crafted to facilitate the reservation of assistance for both individual and groups. It is imperative that quality and quantity are concomitant. Our flexibility is one of our key strengths, as we are capable of accommodating bookings several months in advance or even on the day of the event.


Reserved Section is a prominent provider of hospitality services, dedicated to facilitating the acquisition of tickets for various events with utmost convenience. Our extensive network enables us to offer unparalleled services for a diverse range of sports and cultural events worldwide.

Our bespoke services are tailored to provide access to tickets for an array of sporting and cultural events. Additionally, we offer VIP packages for globally renowned events such as the olympic games, world cup, european football championship, champions league, premier league, la liga, bundesliga, serie A, NFL, F1, and tennis grand slams, among others, which attract a significant number of attendees.

Would you like to get a special experience by yourself in an exclusive atmosphere?
Yes, you can do it! Choose from a range of many event options and enjoy with the our exclusieve service.

Get a group of friends together, and make it an event. Being with your friends will make it super fun no matter what kind of event you are looking for. Let us complement your event with tailored travel solutions and additional services to create exclusive vacation packages.

Elevate team spirit and enhance employee morale with an unforgettable experience! We offer a curated selection of events, from live concerts to captivating sporting matches, all carefully chosen to create lasting memories and strengthen connections within your organization.

Are you a travel agent seeking to elevate your offerings and provide truly unforgettable experiences for your clients? Look no further! We specialize in crafting exceptional trip itineraries such as sports, concerts, etc.. tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of your valued customers.


The Reserved Section has established agreements with some of the most prestigious organizations worldwide. Our sources comprise clubs, sponsors, official agencies, and other companies, all of which are backed by the assurance of the best suppliers.