The Reserved Section is not the primary organizer or direct ticket vendor of the events. Leveraging its extensive network and priority agreements, it holds the privilege of having priority access to event tickets.

To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and efficient stock management, we offer the option of providing instant ticket purchases for certain events while allowing reservations for others.

Within the next 30 minutes, you will receive a confirmation email of order details. If the delivery details are clearly confirmed, the ticket delivery process will be initiated promptly.

If you have any questions or inquiries, whether before or after placing their order, the team is more than willing to assist.

Ticket availability and prices within the reserved section are influenced by market demand rather than being set by the company.

The term “face value” denotes the price indicated on the front of the ticket, representing its initial selling price on the primary market. This figure is typically established by the football federation, the hosting club, or event organizers.

Discrepancies between face value and the actual selling price arise because tickets within the reserved section are sold at their “market value.” This reflects the amount consumers are willing to pay for admission to a particular event. When demand is high, the selling price tends to exceed the face value listed on the ticket, and conversely when demand is low.

Yes, the tickets and services you acquire will be delivered as committed. However, in rare instances, events may be subject to cancellation or postponement due to force majeure events beyond our control. In such situations, the ticket fees may be refunded, or the entitlements offered by the event organizers will be duly conveyed to you.

Your satisfaction and confidence in our services are of paramount importance.

Payment options include credit card transactions, bank transfers and mail orders.

Tickets are typically issued and allocated in a manner that allows for seated together.

However, if you purchase four or more tickets, we will endeavor to seat them together, although there may be instances where they are allocated in separate groupings. If it is imperative that all tickets are situated together, kindly contact our customer service in advance, and we will make the necessary arrangements. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Depending on what kind of ticket you have purchased we can deliver to any type of address. If you have acquired a ticket for an event that allows entry through an e-ticket or QR code, we will exclusively dispatch an email confirmation.

In situations necessitating the delivery of a physical ticket, we kindly request that you indicate your preferred ticket collection point, considering the event venue’s proximity to your location and transportation logistics. Should you provide us with advance notice, we are open to exploring alternative shipping arrangements at your request.

Your convenience and satisfaction remain our top priorities.

Expect an email containing your ticket details to arrive 1-3 days before the event. The format of your ticket will depend on the specific event and could be delivered as an e-ticket, printed ticket, mobile ticket, QR code, or in-person collection.

The email will provide clear instructions to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience on your event day.

On rare occasions, an event may face postponement or cancellation. Although we strive to promptly inform you, it is incumbent upon you to verify the event’s status through the venue or local media to ensure accurate timing and dates of attendance.

In the case of event rescheduling, tickets are generally applicable to the new date, and refunds are not offered in such instances.

For complete cancellations, we will duly request a refund from the event organizers, with the exception of football matches, which are non-refundable under all circumstances.

If event organizers do extend refund offers in case of cancellations, you are required to dispatch the original tickets, purchased through our website, via a secure and traceable courier service, adhering to the timeline provided by us.

Your understanding and cooperation in this regard are greatly appreciated.

Regrettably, in accordance with our terms and conditions, we do not facilitate returns or exchanges for any reason. Refunds will solely be issued if the event organizer cancels the event.

If you bring special cases to our attention, we will certainly investigate and do our best to assist. However, we want to be transparent that we cannot make any guarantees, as our ability to address such situations is influenced by market conditions.

Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Prior to booking your event tickets, it is essential to ensure your ability to attend.

Absolutely, our payment system is highly secure. We employ cutting-edge payment security software to safeguard all transactions conducted on our website.

The request for proof of your billing address is a standard procedure aimed at ensuring the security and authenticity of your payment information. This verification process helps protect both you and us from potential fraudulent activities.

Your cooperation in providing this proof is greatly appreciated, as it helps us maintain a secure and trustworthy transaction environment.

We have established an extensive network through years of experience, collaborating with various reputable brands. Through these partnerships, we enter into special agreements with companies specializing in accommodation, transportation, and camps, enabling us to secure discounted rates for these services.

Fire away! We specialize in all things event-related, from orchestrating player meet-ups to reserving dinners at prestigious stadiums and creating unforgettable moments, including marriage proposals.

Let’s chat about it and work our magic; sometimes it’s a breeze for us, even easier than you might think!

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