3 Star Hotel

A full-service hotel with a restaurant, front desk, intentional decor, and housekeeping service.

4 Star Hotel

An upscale hotel with on-site dining, premium amenities, and a signature look and feel.

5 Star Hotel

A luxurious hotel with personalized service, high-end dining venues, wellness facilities, and elegant design


Chain Hotel

Also known as a “branded hotel,” a chain hotel is affiliated with a brand that may have strict guidelines for amenities and design.


Independent Hotel

A hotel that is independently owned and operated with no brand standards or guidelines.


Boutique Hotel

A hotel that incorporates unique design and personalized service, often with a theme or local influences.



A resort offers everything necessary for a vacation on-site, such as restaurants, bars, pools, spas, recreational facilities, kids clubs, and entertainment venues.


Suite Hotel

A hotel which contains only suite-style guestrooms, which are guestrooms that have separate sleeping and living areas.


Motel & Hostel

Only offers basic amenities at a low price.

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